tower Cranes with power inverter system or device that received direct current to alternating current AC electric supply converts DC to AC Knd.jryan can be any voltage and frequency are needed.

In the case of three-phase motors can be changed quickly.

Intelligent inverter detects the load on the engine tower crane

And proportional to the load current to the motor

This flow is usually less than the motor rated current.

Inverter features:

Reducing power consumption and thus reduce electricity costs, reducing setup and thus prolong engine life,Ability to change the engine speed, the possibility of changing the direction of movement of the motor, a protection against overload,possibility to work when input voltage range allows for remote control, creating a speed greater than the speed and motor planning move.

inverter detects the engine load and adapts to the times,
This current flow to the motor and the motor rated current is less in many cases.

Other features and benefits of AC (inverter) Tower Crane:

  • Absence of current (amps) to set up high
  • Launch the application and without impact to the engine and gearbox tower crane
  • Ability to change settings to customize speed and torque
  • Take advantage of a motor instead of the engine and gearbox
  • Lower power consumption and does not require thick cables
  • Take advantage of diesel with less power
  • The possibility of replacing the rotor winding motors with cage rotor motors
  • The absence of mechanical components such as contactors and relays costly
  • Simply control circuit and troubleshooting easy
  • No potentiometer and blocks expensive